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What's a "Nomad"?

Chad W. Edmonds

The process of creating a brand is a difficult one; the business aspects (forming an LLC, bank accounts, etc.) are seemingly simple, States and banks are always willing to accept money. The brand itself comes from a story, a goal, a feeling. Someone invests their time in a brand because they care for it, they care about and want to succeed in the mission, they want to help their brand grow.

I've been struggling to figure out why I'm creating this brand, what's different about Gutsy Nomad? What's different inside me that I feel this will be a success? I know I care about travel and how people transport their necessities. My Uncle, Todd Edmonds, is designing my company logo and he asked me a slew of questions; the one that hit me was, "What's a Nomad?" I was having sangria and watching I Love Lucy at a local eatery when I really put pen to paper answering that question. Here's what I found.

21 July 2016, Personal Scribblings

Who's a nomad? What is a nomad? Is a nomad a state of mind? Can a person be both stationary & nomadic? What does a nomad live for? Are people, on journeys, nomads? If their journey is temporary, are they a nomad for the time of their journey? We traditionally think of a "nomad" as a person who wanders, never finding a home, but instead, making the world his home. Isn't that simultaneously a gypsy? A nomad travels, certainly, but, I contend a nomad has a home - somewhere he feels most comfortable with those he loves and, this place, is where he can truly be himself.

A nomad travels, in search of his home, because the home he grew up in is not his. This is not to say that his family is meaningless to him, quite the contrary. His family is important no doubt, though, staying in the place which he grew up is not a present thought in his mind. Something inside of him pleads for him to leave, to explore, to learn, to experience more than can be had where he is. A nomad will find the place where he feels most accepted, where he can do the most good, where he is happiest, and call it home. The world is not his home, the world is his destination.

This home, once found, is built carefully, constructed from deep and lasting bonds with those around the home. This home is precious to a nomad, it is where his many lives, his many journeys, converge; it is the nexus of his collected stories, of loves had & lost, of connections. Beyond the home a nomad experiences his version of life, lives through his journeys. Inside the home is where those experiences and lives are realized with his closest loved ones. The travels, the journeys on which he embarks, are all meaningless without this home he concedes to, without these loves he openly admits to in his heart.


Smiles abound in his heart, worn openly on his gentle face, accompanied by dancing eyes, consistently jumping from glory to glory. How can a nomad be of ill fate when his life returns such wonder & peace? To live a life of love, of wonderment, of peace, of family - all of this is to be a nomad.