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1115 East Main Street
Rochester, NY, 14609
United States

Enjoy products ethically sourced from individuals all over the world.


When the going gets tough, the tough get Gusty.

Chad W. Edmonds

Welcome to Gutsy Nomad

Being a small business has many of its own challenges, especially one based in the United States. We've been learning a ton about the United States Tax Code, about what it means to be a Citizen and work/live anywhere outside of The Island*. The United States is one of a select few countries that tax its Citizens on worldwide income, not simply income earned inside of the U.S.A.. Its easy to understand why, all the money that can be collected for the Government. Funny how the United States became the country it is in part because of the imposition of taxes by The United Kingdom.

As a small business startup we've struggled to get going with a very tiny budget, not yet going to any bank to fund any part of our business. The goal is to do as much as possible individually, then turn to private funding if necessary. We are confident turning to private funding won't be necessary because we are confident you will enjoy our products and our mission.


Our products are designed by the owner, Chad, as well as by people who are excited to create their own product. We have traveled overseas to create most of our products; as a small business ourselves, we look to cooperate with small businesses in developing countries as sources and grow together, creating excellent products for excellent people.


Our mission is to craft quality products for everyone using small businesses and humane sources. We aim to bring together people who are underprivileged in developing nations with people who are underprivileged in the United States of America, helping to connect people who might never have the chance otherwise.



*"The Island" is how the owner, Chad, refers to the United States of America. Think about it; coast to coast, the only countries the U.S.A. shares land borders with are Canada and Mexico. The sad fact (and the reason he calls the U.S.A. an "island") about Americans is that most don't have a desire to go to nor especially care about those two countries.