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So close.

Chad W. Edmonds

We are on the verge of accepting pre-orders; it's an exciting time! It has been a long road to this point and I couldn't be more proud.

This isn't surprising. I have been working, mostly diligently, toward the goal of accepting sales for a product I believe in. When I say it has been a long road, I mean that from my perspective. I ran two podcasts (I stopped because there was little reward for the work involved), I ran my own American Sign Language interpreting business, I was an independent contract English teacher in Thailand; all of that seems simple comparatively. Starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC) has been a major challenge, but not because of the paperwork involved, more because of the mental hurdles I had to overcome to make it this far.

Moving abroad is easier.

Doing anything independent, starting anything on your own, is a harrowing task. Being your own boss sounds exciting; you must learn a work/life balance, you must learn motivation, you must learn about yourself. The latter is the scariest prospect most people don't think about. How do you start working in the morning? If you're without an office, where do you start working? Without an office, do you have office hours? When do you take time off? Is there an end to your work day? When do you hire help?

These aren't all the questions that need answering, just a few I didn't think about when I started this. Even as an independent contact ASL interpreter and English teacher, I accepted work, and with that work, came set times to be somewhere with outlines of what to do when I arrived. With Gutsy Nomad there is none of that. Completely independent until I impose hours and outlines upon myself.

Moving abroad is easier. Working under the guise of someone else is easier. Talking with your Monther-in-law is easier. Practically anything seems easier when you're in the Captain's Chair. When you start to sort out the details, when you start to answer the questions, that's when reality hits and you go one of two ways; 1. You charge ahead, 2. You back out. It is that simple. You won't know the answer until you start, so, answer the question:

Are you #gutsy enough to start?