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1115 East Main Street
Rochester, NY, 14609
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And here I was...

Chad W. Edmonds

...walking both above and beneath a train, watching cats mingle around people without homes as the ever hurried mass shuffles to and fro.

How lucky are we, those of us with the wherewithal, gumption, know-how and ability to see the road less traveled at the fork and charge forward, down the path unknown. I've been reminded of late it can be a lonely road to charge forth on for there are not many like I. This is a simple fact; there are more followers in the world than leaders.

Gutsy Nomad is a brand that aims to inspire leadership among those who believe they haven't the qualities. We firmly believe all humans have the qualities to be leaders; the type of leadership may not be corporate, rather, it may be civil. Perhaps you're able to lead a group of five on a trek in the wilderness; perhaps you're able to guide a classroom of children who seek knowledge; perhaps you're able to conduct an ensemble; perhaps you've a child you're raising. Leadership comes in many forms, thus, we stick firmly to our belief.

The road will be bumpy, it is possible to feel lonely on the journey, but, the love received in return from succeeding is greater than any other achievement. Think of the beauty received from the people you lead on a trek; the happiness on the faces of children who understand the lesson of the day; the joy returned from an audience upon completion of a concerto; the love returned from a child due to the leadership of the parent. These end goals, these results, are the joy of the entrepreneur, of the leader.

Everyone is capable of feeling this joy, everyone is capable of being a leader. Join us today, become a leader. Become a Gutsy Nomad.