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1115 East Main Street
Rochester, NY, 14609
United States

Enjoy products ethically sourced from individuals all over the world.

Our Story

Our Story

When our founder first traveled overseas in 2011, the experience changed his life. His second trek in 2012 planted the idea of living internationally; after living in and experiencing the hurry-up-and-wait lifestyle of New York City, his plan to move abroad and experience life in a new way was cemented.

Thailand was home to his first step in a truly nomadic life. Thailand is also home to many great designers, of which he met one who would hand-craft the first round of Gutsy Nomad packs. The idea of creating packs grew into a concept of connecting Americans with the world.

We work to offer an international experience for people who are willing to make a change; This is the foundation of Gutsy Nomad. We collaborate with humans worldwide to bring unique experiences to working-class U.S. citizens. Using ethically sourced materials and labor standards, the artisans we work with offer product designed to withstand the Nomadic life.


We aim to bring you one step closer to your fellow man.


Gutsy Nomad aims to facilitate cultural exchange, opening the minds of United States citizens by sending them to meet the artisans we work with, to experience life in another country and learn by living. The difference in culture, community and lifestyle in the homelands of humans outside of the United States of America can be great; Our goal is to help U.S. citizens experience that difference by way of an overseas, mind opening, cultural exchange. Your product purchase or donation helps us host a contest among those in the United States of America who are not fortunate enough to be able to afford a passport or an overseas adventure. The winner will be afforded a trip to become a Gutsy Nomad. They will not only get to know a maker of our product, they will get to know each other and be immersed in another culture, learning new customs and traditions. They will indeed become Gutsy Nomads.