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A lifestyle brand that inspires transience and instills respect among our fellow man. Proudly made in developing nations since 2016.

Respect is intrinsic to the facilitation of open, honest conversations. The United States is well known as an influential leader among nations; its citizens remain less than well traveled with, shockingly, just shy of 60% without access to international travel*. Given its leader status with the majority of its populous untraveled, we at Gutsy Nomad introduce Project: R.O.R.Y. (Respect Others, Respect Yourself). Aimed at those who've not yet stepped abroad, the mission is to help such a person gain face to face experience and ear to ear listening with our artisans and their cultures.

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Our Nepal Line

These packs are hand crafted from Nepalese Buffalo Leather by Nepal Leather Craft. They represent a true statement of rugged, go anywhere style perfect for the daily commuter.

The NOMAD from Nepal

The pack that started it all, a wonderfully simple, beautifully diverse design that triples as a back, sling or carry pack. Naturally hand-tanned Nepali Buffalo leather wraps the outside, waterproof fabric wraps your cargo inside. Stock enough for a weekend and enjoy wherever your senses lead you.


Teacher v1n

Teachers the world over, unite! Our v1n doubles as a back or carry pack, designed to fit up to a 13 inch laptop, books, pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, and more ... all the essentials a teacher might need.

Teacher v2n.jpg

Teacher v2n

Easy open, easy close, relaxed life! Sporting our hidden compartment tucked against your back hiding your top secret documents, our v2n holds all your daily teaching needs while keeping that chic runway look you've been wanting.